Hail Damage Repair

Was Your Car Caught in a Hail Storm?

Was Your Car Caught in a Hail Storm?

Choose a shop that offers paintless dent repair in Arlington, TX

The hailstorms we get around here can be nasty, and they can do some serious damage to your vehicle. Ideal Auto Hail Repair provides hail damage car repair services in Arlington, TX.

Our shop specializes in paintless dent repair. That means that we can:

  • Push dents out from underneath
  • Massage out dents
  • Avoid drilling holes and repainting
  • Apply pressure to push the dent back into its original form

If you need hail damage repair, bring your vehicle to our shop right away.

Learn about our 5-step process for handling your claim

When you need hail damage repair work in Arlington, TX, you don't need the insurance process to be a headache. Ideal Auto Hail Repair will handle your insurance claim and provide you with top-quality hail damage car repair services.

Here's the process we follow to make things easy for our customers:

  1. Step one-We open the claim.
  2. Step two-We meet with the adjuster.
  3. Step three-We'll offer you a free rental car if you don't have rental insurance.
  4. Step four-Our technicians fix the car.
  5. Step five-We pay the deductible.

If your car has been damaged in a hail storm and you need paintless dent repair, call Ideal Auto Hail Repair right away.